surroundings change, species grow
what once were tendril vines, in each other’s likeness
becomes a tree all their own

daze towards enlightenment
dance towards progression
time flew by quick
left the impression
when looking to yourself
you find only severence
know that connection
is never temporary
we find all answers
in rememberence

(52 words) -J

(Source: suspendingdisbelief4488)

It’s easy forgetting you’re still young.
Not much of a seed,
But struggling to branch out.

Hope for massive life over time.
Strong oak, expensive willow,
The everlasting bristlecone.

Our forest is a family of mindfulness.
We can grow with her,
Or against her raw beauty.

[46 words] by mort.

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Most Unfortunate Hours

Rapture is the raging Queen

Placed upon

And fought between

Stars collide

Like fireworks

But we can never see

Where you feel beauty

I taste plenty

Of misfortunes

Wishful thinking

Apocalyptic dreaming

Dance the dreary

Time is empty

(38 words) by mort.

embed snow cover

warmth is on the brink

truth is in sight

beautiful sister

influential brother

compassionate mother

knowledgable father

you are light

turning me to lover

[27 words] - Jo

Evolution of Questions

I’ve been caught melting into the walls. She thinks the world is hers.

Bold statements don’t sound the same. He pretends to cry.

Dissecting reality can lead to certain sanity, of daunting painted worlds.

Of treasured ideas withheld from all society. In search of some kind of real.

In search of you, in search of I. Thru hell, thru all forms, asking why.

[63 words] by mort.

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FIV5 years

Five years and liven is wild.

Been draggin’ along that bitter mile.

We thought we’d fucked the pain away,

Yet that taste only grew to a decent mild.

Tangerine flames like firework skies;

Battered, bruised, and stained with our cries;

Cash in your skills, ‘cause its the best;

Five years and liven is lies.

[48 words] by mort.

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Subliminal Happiness

Oh how fortunate are we?

Cutting ribbons on the porch, thinking merrily, above and beyond.

Blinking to remember the child in us all.

We find sugar-coated supplements to fill the holes

Dug by the angry neighborhood dogs who assail our curious bones.

How delicious the next life will be.

[50 words] by mort.

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Through confusion

We write

The wrongs

To write

What’s right

100 poisons and tales

To hold you close tonight

(Source: suspendingdisbelief4488)

Frenzy Upholding Hearts of Growth; In Context to Lovers, Beautiful Friends, Close Family

To be foolish enough to claim your whole soul within anothers can be an utter weakness and burden on your heart and self or altogether the most beautiful attribute one can take hold onto. True love is a most prevalent dichotomy, the personal hell you can dwell in and out of day after day, the constant disappointment and upheavel constantly perishing your soul then the sudden purge of breath at the moment when you thought it was almost too late, one second past loosing everything you could ever be. On the otherhand true love dosnt have to be a weakness, it could very well be the constant return of what you give, the recycling of good intention and planning. Imagining self and another self binded as together through all of what life throws your way whatever endeavor to face its not a question or a matter of what, it’s of a matter of when. When can I show this other person and how will it show me how much care can corrupt or save another.

(Source: suspendingdisbelief4488)

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Mental Magic and the World that Could Be

I have never seen the end of a tunnel. When I try, complexities overwhelm my haze of a mind, turning over brainy societies and redirecting neuronic’ traffic in explosive incidents. Its the feel of a thousand tornadoes above and below you - inside you. When I say tunnel I mean choice and when I say end I mean treasure. Like myself, you can set your eyes on emeralds, gems, and infinite gold or the simple tickle of a butterfly; but you’re not succeeding in anything simple. I’ve mentally chased a lion king for nearly a third of my life with spiritual storms of magic and mystery. Its about time we share our footsteps, build our thoughts and bodies, improve upon each other, and most importantly live ourselves completely.

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