Birth and the Evolution that Follows.

Indigo Rose is a consciousness from the non-physical world. Transferred here within the shapes of a meteor shower. From a puddle of slime, Indigo forms over night into the male figure of a human being in his prime.

Arial is an innocent girl living within a small forest town. Sheltered and curious she wanders from home too often. She stumbles upon Indigo in a cosmic sort of way.

Arial’s family is a collection of inhabitants whom reside in the forest. Their prophecy explains that they derived from tree spirits of the elder world and evolved into more physical Ivyn beings – creatures of foliage. Some carry magical tactics, while all indulge themselves in the elegance and ingeniousness of nature. Very few remain in the family due to mysterious disappearances during visits from strong dark shadows with a burnt flesh aroma.

During an attack on her family in the night, Arial runs into the depths of the forest towards her secret hideout near the swimming hole. With no moonlight to guide her on this treacherous escape, blindness and fear sends her over the waterfall’s edge and down into a coma.


to be continued…

[187 words] by mort.

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